Telnet script to disable wifi in router Observa Telecom

13.Mar.2015 — Julio

My son sometimes is connected to internet until several hours past night.
I tried to convince that he needs several hours of sleep... but he is 14 years old...

So the fastest way is disabling wifi at home, and I made it in the easiest way too.

sh << EOF | telnet    
sleep 1   
echo 1234  
sleep 1  
echo password  
echo wlan disable  
sleep 2  
echo exit  
sleep 1  
echo Y  

I put this scritp in the crontab of my home server

10 0 * * * sh /home/me/ > /home/me/

Then I made another script, same disable but now enabling wifi. Only I had to change wlan disable by wlan enable

Yes, I know. It's ugly code, but It works with little lines.

Tags: bash, routers

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