Wasting time with pcbsd

24.Nov.2012 — Julio

i like the PCBSD philosophy and its filesystem. And the way they organize the updates, and its PBI's and Appcafe.. But, after two days trying it, i can say that this unix-like is difficult to work with: with a

Intel E6750 with 3Gb and intel video PCBSD 9.1RC3 64 bits

  • 185 seconds to start up login and with "fastboot_enabled=YES" of /etc/rc.conf !
  • Xfce 4.10, KDE too slow
  • with firewall disabled
  • chromium, ssh secure shell extension doesn't work, "Loading NaCl plugin..."
  • pcbsd doesn't recognise units in ext4 format, you cannot mount them!?
  • screen fonts are awful and distorted. Its worse when you use Teamviewer. You can not see hardly anything.
  • you have to change "use auto-detected mirrors" to "select a mirror," because otherwise you can not install all you want
  • libreoffice, 20 seconds to open without any file
  • 10 chromium tabs
  • thunderbind started
  • no firefox because use too much memory (>340Mb)

all for 58% CPU 1,6Gb of 3Gb. When i started conky cpu went up until 80%. It's easy to reproduce, only you have to install a new app from Appcafe and memory ram goes to 80%. Firefox

Sorry but Linux Mint 13, all the above tasks described 900Mb/3Gb ram, 40% peak CPU. To install new software is easier and more easy to find out. And i get login in 48 seconds

It's a pity because i came from HPUX, AIX, SCO in my early studing times, and i prefer the order of FreeBSD rather Linux has.

lost two days away...and i read the handbook of pcbsd that is well written (3xx pages) the freebsd logo is the best ;) and the name "Linux Mint"  is not

update1 Nov 25:

After asking for help in i got a good answer from "whitelightning777"

I didn't get a good answer in FreeBsd forums

problem with Bootloader

I installed pcbsd in harddrive1 and i have installed Linux Mint in other harddrive2. After reboot and choose F5 drive1 and work with Mint, and then reboot again i lost BootLoader of pcbsd. I only got GRUB of Mint. It's not a Bios problem because in the setup is hd1 to boot in the first order. I googled. A lot of test without success. Then i reinstalled againd PCBSD with LXFCE, and then reboot, and reboot and always ok until i work again with Mint. Bye BootLoader.


getting bored at least i have to start with GRUB mint and i did:

/boot/grub/grub.cfg --> dont touch this... unless the rest doesn't work /etc/default/grub --> only a few options /etc/grub.d/40_custom --> put this lines:

menuentry 'PCBSD9.1 64 bits' {
    set root='(hd1,1)'
    kfreebsd /boot/kernel/kernel
    chainloader +1


but if you installed pCBSD with zfs

menuentry "PC-BSD 9.1" {
         insmod zfs
         search -s -l freepool
         kfreebsd /freebsd@/boot/kernel/kernel
         kfreebsd_module_elf /freebsd@/boot/kernel/opensolaris.ko
         kfreebsd_module_elf /freebsd@/boot/kernel/zfs.ko
         kfreebsd_module /freebsd@/boot/zfs/zpool.cache type=/boot/zfs/zpool.cache
         set kFreeBSD.vfs.root.mountfrom=zfs:tank0/freebsd

sudo update grub


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